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Our black Mr Turner wall clock is one beautifully designed timepiece. We totally love its complete lack of detail – Coco Chanel herself would have been proud to own a ‘Mr Turner’. Anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary to its function has been removed. Minimalism at its best. Mr Turner, although quite formal sounding, is certainly more at home in a chic modern minimalist interior than a stately home.

This Mr Turner is a classic circular clock with a simple black frame, a white dial and black numerals in a beautifully ‘soft’ sans-serif typeface. It’s stunning. Perfectly poised, harmonious design makes for a legible clock that’s aesthetically pleasing. Ironically not an easy balance to achieve. The black Mr Turner wall clock has strictly no superfluous design details – not even on the hands. He really is a triumph in tasteful design… Absolutely perfect for a laid-back interior where everything is discreet and unobtrusive.

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Black Mr Turner Wall Clock – circular, monochrome minimalist wall clock

Our black Mr Turner wall clock is one cool and collected clock. Its design is so pure and unobtrusive it’s breath-taking. Mr Turner black is the epitome of modern monochrome, minimalist product design. We love Mr Turner. A tasteful wall clock ideal for any industrial-style open plan living space. Imagine it in a New York apartment themed interior with a bare brick wall or, at the other end of the spectrum, in a slick high-contrast Danish inspired apartment.

Mr Turner is a great example of form following function; clean readable numbers are themselves highly legible against the white background. This is one chic designer wall clock that looks amazing, and you can actually tell the time on it.

  • Size: 45cm x 45cm x 9cm
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