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Our galvanised luggage wall clock looks very much like a replica Swiss railway clock – hence the name. Its structure, clean lines and readability are synonymous with the beauty and simplicity of the Swiss Style. A style famous for its grid based design; deemed the most legible and harmonious way to structure information. Neat.

With its galvanised steel frame surround this wall clock is great for an industrial aesthetic. Its high contrast white dial with black markers make it highly legible. And if you’re a fan of supreme organisation and neatness, then this is a great clock for you. It’s symmetrical, it’s tidy and there’s no unnecessary fuss. It’s very easy on the eye. In fact, this clock is one of those objects that make you wonder about how something so simple can be so attractive to look at. It’s all in the grid.

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‘Luggage’ galvanised steel wall clock – industrial style clock

Our galvanised steel wall clock is perfect for hanging in an industrial style interior – particularly where neatness and order is important. Your room may already contain Swiss-style white modular furniture and have grey walls. Possibly even some monochromatic geometric patterned textiles. However, our galvanised clock also looks fab hanging on an exposed brick wall or against concrete effect feature wallpaper – a room a little rawer in its industrial in style. This clock is highly readable and very orderly… not surprising given its Swiss style inspiration.

  • Size: 30cm x 30cm x 7cm
  • Comes with 12 Months Guarantee