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ICON 60 TELEPHONE | Lipstick Red


Our red ICON 60 telephone is one cool, ever so slightly kitsch phone. Its body is a beautiful warm shade of red contrasted with a white dial and pale grey flex… A bit of an 80’s colour theme going on which works really well with the iconic style of the phone itself. This is no shy and retiring house phone. It wants to be noticed… and used.

We love this nostalgic phone in a modern interior with a wistful nod to a bygone era. If you’re a fan of the neat and tidy aesthetic; straight lines slightly softened with rounded corners, then this is a great accessory to finish off your interior – and it’s functional as well. Can you just imagine answering calls on this over your mobile. Very cool.

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Red ICON 60 telephone – retro house phone

The original version of this nostalgic red ICON 60 telephone was first released for sale in Britain during the late 1960’s by the Post Office. This retro replica has the classic mechanical bell ring tone – so cool – and a number dial detail. Although the dial function is actually push buttons to accommodate for our modern preferences – imagine hanging around for the dial to turn full-circle every time, to ring each digit in the phone number.

The red ICON 60 telephone is the perfect retro accessory for your home. It’s bright and colourful and just well, quite cheery really. A little bit of joy for a dark corner or alcove that need’s some life injecting into to. It fits a standard telephone socket too so you can ring your family and friends in style.

  • Authentic retro style
  • Plugs into a standard socket
  • Push button dialling
  • Redial button
  • Original style mechanical bell ringer