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The Underpass wall clock is a real classic with its white face, black digits and hands. The only hint of colour coming from the slim red second hand. It reminds us a little of a traditional underground clock – hence the name. We love Underpass’ black gloss frame – it looks very distinguished indeed. It has presence. Perfect if you’re trying to introduce a masculine element to your room.

This is a good solid, no-nonsense clock. It tells the time and looks stylish. End of. Branding is kept to a bare minimum and unusually, is perfectly in line with the style of the clock. We’re a big fan of this clock placed on a brick or concrete wall. There’s just something about its paired-back aesthetic that makes it ideal against a textured background.

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Underpass wall clock in gloss black – industrial style

Our large Underpass wall clock is ideal for a masculine interior – or to add a hint of Yang energy to your room if you’re looking to balance some softer, feminine elements. It is a no-fuss clock, it tells the time and nothing else – no multi-tasking gadgets here. The Underpass gloss clock makes a fab kitchen clock… Picture matt sage green walls, maybe one exposed brick wall with white gloss units, dark wood worktops and black accessories. Beautiful.

  • Size: 45cm x 45cm x 7cm
  • Comes with 12 Months Guarantee