Vintage Light Bulbs

Our vintage light bulbs look gorgeous and you can feel the quality when you handle them plus, they won’t ‘blow’ every other week. They’re an absolute delight – the go-to finishing touch for any style conscious home, bar or café. Their beautiful filaments make these industrial bulbs simply mesmerising.

We work hard to ensure the quality of our bulbs so don’t be put off giving them a try if you’ve had them from elsewhere before, and they just weren’t all that. Or worse, the filaments kept ‘going’ every month or so. Once you see and handle ours, you’ll appreciate the difference – and see why they cost a little more than some other retailers.

Once you’ve had our industrial light bulbs, you’ll never want to go back to standard issue bulbs again. Visually, our filament bulbs are gorgeous to look at and they make a lovely feature in your room. They cast a beautiful, warm pool of light that’s easy on the eyes and perfect for creating a cosy, relaxing atmosphere.

Vintage bulbs are at their best when they’re on show so use them bare bulb style just hanging from a length of fabric cable and a bulb holder or, use them with your enamel factory style lamp. You can even use them with a cage light shade to make a table lamp. The options are limitless. All look fabulous.

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