Ceiling, Floor, & Table Lamp Shades

Natural materials lend softness to your rooms. Their surfaces come in so many exciting textures: smooth, rough, gritty, velvety, silky and woolly. All so tactile. Gorgeous (ethically sourced) feather lampshades for ceiling, table and floor lamps float like little clouds of luxury in your room. Choose from white, palest brown and grey: colours inspired by the beautifully wild Scandinavian landscape. 

Wooden ceiling lamp shades in the shape of delicate nodding flower heads bring organic shapes into your rooms, and there’s just something about wood that makes a room feel more homely. And who doesn’t want a bit of that?

No? Well, if you’re really not feeling the shade vibe, then maybe there’s a statement light that WILL make just the right impression amongst our feature pendant lights

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