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All of our bathroom lighting has an IP (Ingress Protection) rating which is used to explain how effectively the lights are sealed to protect the electrical components from water and dirt. Each rating is made up of the letters IP followed by two digits, e.g. IP64. The first digit standing for the level of protection from solid bodies such as dust and the second digit representing the amount of protection against water.

The highest rated lights we currently have are our IP64 bulkheads which are perfect for use in bathrooms. The 64 rating means that they are totally protected from dust and water spray from any direction making them perfect from zone 2 and beyond in your bathroom.

Zone 2 is any area that is at least 60cm away from any water source and above the bath or shower from 2.25m. The minimum rating for zone 2 is IP44 so our IP64 and IP54 rated lights will be ideal for using safely in your bathrooms. But be sure to always check with your electrician before fitting any lighting.