No serious vintage interior is complete without an iconic Bakelite telephone. It’s the details that really count when you’re doing period or vintage styling and we think this red Bakelite telephone is the perfect addition to either.

The black Bakelite phone is a design classic everyone recognises and loves. It was designed by Henry Dreyfuss, went into production from 1937 and was very much in evidence during WW11.

Interestingly, Dreyfuss measured 2,000 people, mouth to ear, to create a handset that was suitable for all and he was the first person to incorporate a bell into the base. In keeping with the original, this Bakelite telephone has the classic dial and bell ring tones but features the key button dials we’re better used to.

We love the subtle twist of this Bakelite phone being red – use it as an ornamental feature on a dark wood console table or writing desk. The stylish and classic design telephone will work well in most vintage interiors, especially when matched with an historic colour palette.

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