Chrome single toggle switch


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Scrawling your signature on the dotted line, you grin as you exchange the hefty wad of paperwork for the keys to your new car… You’ve waited a long time for this day, and you take a deep breath, inhaling the enticing scent of butter-soft leather as you carefully climb into your fancy ride. Adjusting your seat, you make yourself comfortable, check your mirrors, and flick the chrome levers, watching as gadgets and gizmos come to life. Starting the engine, you shiver excitedly in your seat as the engine roars into life – it’s time to take this beast for a spin.

Speeding down country lanes, you laugh wildly as the fierce growl of the engine disrupts the silence. Taking the next left, you rumble down the driveway, sending pebbles scattering- this car is fast, and you LOVE it. Climbing out of the seat, you push a button on your key to lock the car, admiring your reflection in the shiny silver finish as you walk to the front door.

Flicking your chrome toggle light switch on, you watch as the hallway light pings to life. Wonderfully retro with a satisfying click, this switch brings total joy to everyday moments, and you smile, reminded of your afternoon playing with all the chrome levers in your dream car.

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This product is only suitable for countries where the mains supply is between 220 and 240 volts. If you're outside of the UK and are unsure, check the list of eligible countries below.

Chrome toggle switch

  • Material:
    • steel switch plate
    • plastic back & components
    • zinc toggles
  • Dimensions: H89mm x L89mm
  • Pack size: sold individually
  • Included: toggle module with plate and screws
  • Product information:
    • requires minimum 35mm depth available within the back box
    • available in 2-way or intermediate
    • LED compatible
    • 2kW (2,000W) load
    • 230-250v 50Hz 10AX
    • concealed fixings
  • Usage: indoor use only
  • This product complies with UK standards and EU CE mark requirements
  • Origins: designed in the UK, components sourced from our partners in China