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Adding finishing touches to your home is what makes it feel ‘yours’. The items you choose and how you arrange them is unique to you. Simple swaps with your choices of handles and home hardware stamps your personality on a room.

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Adorning kitchen cupboards, drawers and wardrobes with beautiful handles and knobs provide points of interest for your eyes to feast on and your fingertips something special to grasp. Our curated collection of coordinating leather pull handles, knurled metal cupboard handles, internal door handles, and drawer knobs is available in a wide range of finishes, shapes and sizes to transform the fittings and furniture around your home.

Shelving is a fabulous way to display your most cherished items, introducing elements of your life story to areas of your home that you feel are currently a little lacklustre. Kitchens with open shelving showcase your culinary passion through the cookbooks, cups and crockery you choose to show. Opting for shelving in bedrooms and bathrooms gives you valuable storage space and looks great too. Add living or faux plants to your shelves to instantly add vitality. 

A series of wall hooks that match your kitchen drawer knobs create an eye-catching display to hang treasured tea towels, aprons and other favourite things. In bedrooms, hallways and bathrooms, wall hooks add stylish functionality for hanging tote bags, necklaces and scarves.

From kitchen door handles and internal door handles to shelf brackets and wall hooks, you can find lots of ways to quickly spruce up your home and make it feel personal to you.