Revelling in the bliss that is your newly decorated room, you find yourself wishing you’d replaced the ‘big light’. You like the one you have, but it’s not quite right now you look at it. You’d like something grander. More of a statement – a focal point for the room. What you really want is one of those gorgeous chandeliers!

Standing in the room, you begin to formulate a mental checklist of what you want your new light to be… Eyecatching. Elegant. Remarkable. Different. Perfect for your space. BUT, you know this lighting also needs to be practical. A statement light takes your gaze upwards, instantly making your room feel bigger and giving you a focal point for your eyes to pause, and ultimately, it does need to light the area.

In a living room, a chandelier can add instant glamour. The space will feel grander and more sophisticated. The lounge is the place you go to unwind in the evening. To download and catch up with family, and you want something gorgeous to illuminate your downtime… Remember to add a dimmer so you can set the perfect relaxing atmosphere. 

Creating a romantic spot for an evening soirée is easily achieved by suspending a chandelier above your dining table. A warm glow is very flattering – just what you want to look your best. On a practical note, this will also zone the area from the rest of the kitchen diner, creating an intimate spot to while away an evening.

Bedrooms can become somewhere altogether more appealing with the addition of a chandelier. Suspended above a bed, with the lighting turned down low, they transform a functional space into an elegant and cocooning room, where you want to nestle down and decompress with a good book and a brew, the soft light easing you into a restful nights sleep.

While you’re swapping your lights for statement chandeliers, why not upgrade your light switches too? Dimmer switches, rocker switches and toggle switches make turning your lights on a joyful experience, and they look fantastic. Our range of exclusive finishes includes gold, copper, matt black, whipped cream and cinnamon – there’s a colour for every style personality. 

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