Dimmer Switches

Browsing around the internet, you stop to look at a gorgeous dimmer switch. You really want to upgrade your light switches, and these will look amazing in your home… But is a dimmer switch worth it, you’re wondering? What’s the purpose, and how will it make a difference in your everyday life?

Well, as the name suggests, a dimmer switch dims lights. More specifically, dimmer switches enable you to decide what level of lighting you have in your room at any given time. So if you’re doing the hoovering; and you haven’t got a fancy-pants model with lights on the front, then having a bright, ‘big’ light is handy for ensuring you’ve picked up all the errant bits of fluff/pet hair/playdough/biscuit crumbs.

If, on the other hand, you’re settling down for the evening after a hectic day, you’ll likely prefer a more relaxing ambient light. A dimmer switch turns the brightness of your pendant light down, softening it and bringing down the energy of your room to a calming level.

Aside from the practical, our dimmer switches look beautiful in their own right. Specially designed with no visible screw holes, they blend seamlessly into your walls. The knurled knobs are a lovely detail, and you notice how they feel to your fingertips as you dial them up or down. Our chunky dimmer switch is even more grabbable than the standard one. And there are dimmer switch finishes you won’t find elsewhere; our Café Culture range of coloured switches and sockets are perfect for blending into earthy neutral walls. Our metallics, including luxurious brass light switches, are ideal if you prefer stand-out details that contrast with your walls. Precisely controlling the mood of your room by dimming your ceiling lights never looked, or felt, so good. 

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