Gold Kitchen Handles

Reaching for your gold kitchen handle, you pull the cupboard door open. The textured metal lingers on your fingertips as you search for your favourite prosecco glasses. Satisfied with your selection, you close the cupboard and move to the kitchen island.

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Tiny bubbles fizz to the surface as you pour, drawing your eye to the gold glassware rim – a subtle detail that matches your new kitchen handles perfectly. 

Someone turns the music up, snapping your attention back to the present. Grabbing the remaining prosecco glasses, you wander towards the table and rejoin the conversation. Focus turns to your newly renovated kitchen, and you reveal where you found everything, from quality kitchen door handles in a unique design to switches and sockets that coordinate beautifully.

Whether you’re in the midst of a kitchen renovation or looking to spruce up your cupboards and drawers, you’ll find a wide range of handle designs and styles in our collection.

Gold kitchen handles: Elevate your interior with elegant colour palettes and thoughtful design details

Heading towards your cutlery drawer, you grasp the handle, brushing the tactile metal surface. Tracing the beautifully curved edges, you notice how they soften the straight lines within the space while the backplate adds a subtle feeling of strength and durability.

Touches of luxury adorn every corner of your kitchen – from gold light switches and sockets to glass-fronted cabinets and citrus-scented diffusers that lift the mood. 

Held in a moment of bliss, you watch the evening sun glint on your gold kitchen cabinet handles, casting reflections on the countertops. The glow from the kitchen pendant light adds to the ambience as it illuminates your busy dining table. 

Conversations continue to flow, and snacks slowly disappear. You always wanted a space for entertaining, where you could host dinner parties on a Saturday night and have friends around to chat and reminisce. Now, you can enjoy a tasteful interior that reflects your personality, complete with cupboard handles in gold. 

From T-bar handles to two-tone designs, we have a gold handle for every kitchen layout. Discover yours today.

Introduce warm tones to any kitchen space with gold finishes

From furniture pieces to the shade of your interior handles and hardware, it’s the finer details that have the potential to elevate your home

Turning your attention to the kitchen’s colour scheme, you glance at the olive-green cabinets, white marble countertops and rich wood tones. Patterned tea towels hang from modern wall hooks near the oven – practical yet stylish – with gold accents woven thoughtfully throughout the space. Their warm undertones create a welcoming environment for any occasion, whether you’re hosting friends or enjoying a slow Sunday morning. 

Gold handles suit a variety of interior schemes, from modern rustic to luxurious glamour. Transform your home with the collection from Dowsing & Reynolds.

What to consider when designing a kitchen with gold handles:

  • Opt for a handle design that suits your kitchen: From timeless knurled handles to geometric designs, you’ll find a wide range of options in our collection.
    • Choose from a selection of sizes: Large handles make a bolder statement while small handles offer a more subtle touch. Consider the scale of your kitchen as well as the size of your cabinets and drawers.
  • Create a cohesive colour palette: Gold handles are a versatile addition, so it’s all about choosing a cabinet colour that complements them. Keep the focus on the handles with a black or navy blue backdrop. Alternatively, blend the gold with muted shades of pink, green or white.
  • Pair with the right lighting: If you want the gold handles in your kitchen to really pop, opt for light bulb designs with a warm glow. The effect is a welcoming interior, elevated by glints of gold that add sophisticated detailing.

Looking for some design inspiration? Our experts have revealed their top tips and tricks: