Bubble Chandeliers

What’s the best ceiling light to make a statement that will complement your room? Of course, we are just a little biased but we think our bubble chandeliers make a beautiful addition to any space.

The clear version is ideal if you have a smaller space and you want to be able to see through your light, so it doesn’t form a barrier or divider. The frosted version looks gorgeous anywhere – we love them so much our showroom is full of them. Plus we have large and small versions that work well with high ceilings and tall thin spaces; like stairwells. There is also a customisable version of our bubble chandeliers where you can select your drop length – so if you have really high ceilings you can get one tailor-made… And you can change the fabric cable colours too – for that extra personal touch.

A bubble chandelier is the perfect statement piece. Available in a choice of frosted or clear finishes, it adds instant decadence whichever combination you choose.

Our one point bubble is ideal for adding a touch of glam to smaller spaces, but if you want to go all out then opt for a five-point. With 40 glass orbs, this showstopper of a chandelier looks incredible in high-ceilinged living rooms or above a dining table.