Semi-Flush Ceiling Lights

Living in a space with low ceilings can feel like you always have to compromise on looks when it comes to ceiling lights. Most pendants are out of the question, but the good news is there are now super-stylish alternatives to the utilitarian flying saucer lights that seem to trap dead flies somewhat better than they provide any proper light. Semi-flush ceiling lights have come a long way in the style stakes, however, so those of us with low-ceilings CAN have feature ceiling lights too.

Ceilings around 2.5m high mean that you've got approximately 55cms to play with in terms of drop - a 6ft person could comfortably walk under this. Just. If you have a slightly less tall household, you can go a bit lower with your light! Then it’s really down to personal preference - the bigger a statement you want to make, the larger the width, or span, of the light you choose. The Connaught is perfect for creating a dramatic focal point in your space, and even a smaller lounge can comfortably house this semi-flush ceiling light. In a more expansive, rectangular room, consider three spaced across the ceiling. Showstopping!

James (our founder) designed all of these semi-flush ceiling lights and, indeed, the whole hotel lights collection. He wanted to create opulent statement lights with gorgeous detailing at a reasonable price. The metal finishes come in Fool's Gold, Forgotten Silver, Antique Black and solid black, so there's one to fit most interior styles. If you like tiny touches of luxury in your home, consider brass light switches and brass plug sockets; these small metallic details make ALL the difference. 

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