Black Light Switches

Snapping a screenshot on your phone, you add more beautiful black switches to your ever-growing collection…

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Dark and dramatic with no visible screw holes, they’re in complete contrast to your current standard white light switches. You’ve been tempted to swap them for a while now, and this matt black backplate featuring two stunning knurled gold dimmer knobs could have finally inspired you to take the plunge. But is changing up your light switches worth the time and effort?

Flicking on the living room light, you squint as your eyes adjust. It’s brighter than you’d like and certainly doesn’t create the relaxing and calming ambience you desire. It’s absolutely worth changing your light switch to a dimmer you think to yourself! Total freedom to adapt your lighting level to your mood and activity. And you might just upgrade to black plug sockets whilst you’ve got the electrician in.

Now for the kitchen, you’ve got a hint of retro styling going on in this space so playful toggle switches seem like an obvious choice – in the same black/gold colourway as your dimmer, obviously! You can imagine the feel of it between your fingers and the solidly satisfying ‘click’ as you turn out the lights each night before bed. Conveniently available in single to quadruple versions, they can handle all your kitchen diner’s complex lighting needs too. Tick.

For the bedroom, you settle on a standard black rocker switch. Understated and elegant it’ll blend seamlessly into your dark walls. Black switches really are going to elevate your décor by a few notches, combined with black sockets they’ll finish off your home beautifully. You can hardly wait.