Pendant Lights

Flicking on the light switch, you vow once again to upgrade the dodgy pendant light dangling from the ceiling in your bedroom. Having seen so many gorgeous ceiling lights while idly scrolling through social media over the weekend, you’ve decided today is the day…

Pendant lights are a staple way to illuminate any space and, in a nutshell, comprise of a ceiling rose, cable and light bulb, sometimes a shade, depending on your style or preference. They’re simple, effective and come in many styles, colours, sizes and finishes - they definitely don't have to be boring, as you've recently found out!

If you're replacing your existing pendant lights, it should be a relatively simple swap. First things first though, you've zeroed in on some lights you like, but which to choose?

It mainly boils down to what you like to look at, and what you need your pendant lights to do for you - other than the obvious illuminating your room. How do you want the space to feel, and what is the style of the room.

In the kitchen, pendant lights are a great choice. They're versatile enough to suspend in a series along the length of an island, or drape across the ceiling to inaccessible corners. Avoid intricate fabric shades as they're tricky to keep clean in a kitchen environment - so bare bulb style is a great option. But bare bulb doesn't have to mean industrial if you don't want it to, we have some beautiful pendant lights more akin to a boutique hotel than a vintage warehouse.

Bedrooms are a tranquil sanctuary we can retreat to at the end of the day, but equally, we need to be able to see what's in the wardrobe on a dark winter morning. Here, opt for pendant lights that emit a warm, soft light that's bright enough to highlight dingy corners but that you can dim down come evening to create an altogether more serene atmosphere. And ceiling pendant lights suspended low on either side of the bed are handy bedside light alternatives, especially where space is tight.

Essential for any ceiling light is a dimmer switch. You want to be able to control the level of light to match the mood and time of day. We have an extensive range of dimmers, toggle and rocker switches that make tweaking your lighting an utter joy: each available in exclusive finishes, from understated white light switches to elegant gold light switches.

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