A note from the designer...

“I like things that are a bit dark and strange and I'm always drawn to a good story. A flea market, a late night drunken conversation, an old advert or a matchbox might get me thinking about a new idea. Inspiration and where you find it is always a bit of a mystery. Lyrics of songs, wandering about car boot sales, getting sucked into films, a visit to an odd town….for me the best ideas come when my head is switching off from work." - Alexis Snell, Designer


This opulent black and gold wallpaper reminds us of magnificent gothic interiors - think pointed arched windows, stained glass windows and ornate decoration. Its twisted, muted gold floral patterns catch the light beautifully and really bring the paper alive. The gold is laid into a rich inky black, making a perfect contrast between light and dark.

The paper has a really organic feel due to the surface printing technique which leaves a thick layer of ink on the surface of the paper which giving it a slightly textured handmade feel. It also makes the wallpaper very hard-wearing.

Black and gold is D&R's signature colour palette so we're very excited to be able to bring you this black and gold wallpaper. We've got an amazing range of black and gold lights and accessories that will coordinate beautifully with this stunning wallpaper so take a look at our lighting, handles, knobs, internal door handles, switches and sockets and taps & showers. Our gorgeous high pigment All The lights Off paint also looks superb alongside this wallpaper - paint the woodwork and even the ceiling for a really dramatic look.

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