Wall lights

Every one of us is unique with differing personalities, desires and styles… Which is perfectly reflected in our eclectic collection of wall lights and sconces.

We often disregard wall lights because they’re tricky to retro-fit – and nobody wants to mess up a smoothly plastered, freshly painted wall right? Well, we’ve solved that problem! Our peg wall lights and Christalle side lights plug into an existing socket and hang from a ‘peg’, making them easy to include in your existing décor – ideal for a dingy corner. They all have gorgeous feature fabric cable that you can have fun with wrapping around the wall peg – fixing this to your wall is the only bit of DIY you’ll need to do. We 100% recommend getting a plug dimmer too – they make all the difference when you want to dim down the wall lights a bit to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

If you are planning a room re-vamp then definitely do think about fixing some wall lights and sconces. Our Leather Cuff lights range has a gorgeous wall light as well as coordinating table and pendant lights for a 'put together' look. You could even add one of our animal lamps to your room for an extra ray of light that glows with creativity and uniqueness. On the other hand, you might fancy something with softer edges to add a different kind of luxury to your room in which case, our feather wall lights might be a good choice for you.

Bulkhead lights are of course a well-loved choice for walls - ours are all waterproof so can be used indoors, in your bathroom and outside. If they're not quite your thing, have a look at the sleek brass, black and silver outdoor wall lights that will enhance any exterior wall - and help you find your keys on dark evenings too!

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