Double Sockets

Arriving home, you waltz into your newly decorated kitchen. Feeling slightly dizzy with pleasure, you flick the kettle on and, reaching for the teabags, you see it… A bright white plastic double plug socket glaring from the wall like a beacon.

You grudgingly admit to yourself that you never for one minute considered the plug sockets in your decorating plans. You had NO idea they would make such a difference, but that’s about to change!

Carefully styled spaces deserve only the most lovely things. That’s why it’s ALWAYS worthwhile taking the time and effort to swap out those chunky, dull-looking white plastic switches and sockets for something altogether more beautiful. Our double plug sockets are available in a whole range of colours to finish off your rooms to the most exacting of standards.

With matt black plug sockets, white, silver, luxurious gold, tarnished copper and smoked gold, as well as three exclusive Café Culture earthy-toned hues available, there’s a double plug socket to suit any space. Gold-coloured brass plug sockets add a touch of glamour, and the metallic finish bounces light around wonderfully. Black and white complement dark or bright rooms, letting your eyes breeze right on by. Cinnamon, Caramel Latte and Whipped Cream sockets blend seamlessly into neutral spaces that are all about feeling harmonious and grounded.

Whichever finish of double plug socket you choose, consider matching sockets with your light switches and other kitchen appliance essentials. Silver light switches with matching silver plug sockets tie in beautifully with chrome kitchen appliances. We have cooker switches, fan switches and even double sockets with built-in USB ports for all your gadgetting needs.

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