Create focal points in your home with our foliage collection. Featuring an array of artificial plants, dried and preserved stems and beautiful flowers pre-matched with the perfect vases to add impact in an instant.

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Take your pick from our beautiful collection of faux and preserved plants and lend your home an air of botanical beauty without getting your hands dirty.

With only the occasional flash of a soft dry cloth needed for keeping them looking fabulous, these plants will ask for nothing but your admiration.

Whether your interiors are big or small, light or dark, bold or subtle, there’s sure to be something nestled among our foliage that’ll provide you with exactly the finishing touch you had in mind.

Tall artificial house plants, such as the aspidistra and the bergspalm, look fabulous in spacious environments – be they high-ceiling hallways or sunny bay windows. Set them against wooden flooring and neutral colours for a more earthy look. Or complement their bold leaves with a bright ceramic pot if it’s a contemporary feel you’re after.

Preserved plants, like gypsophilia and eucalyptus stems are ideal for adding a touch of femininity to your interiors, be this shown off individually in a small vase, or clustered together to make a fabulous wildflower bouquet.

For smaller interiors, our assortment of hanging plants offers a glamorous way of adding height to a room. Why not find a beautiful macramé trailing plant holder for our faux fern and hang it from the ceiling, or give our fake ivy plant a home on a high shelf? The options are endless…

Whether you want to bring the outdoors into your home, office, yoga studio or shop, you can rest assured that we’ve found the most beautiful varieties of each of our plants in our collection.

We’ve got your back if you’re new to the artificial house plant game, too. The dumb cane, with its vibrantly patterned leaves reaching just 40cm in height, is small enough to introduce just a dash of greenery to a room.

You needn’t be a houseplant expert either, with none of our plants requiring anything but an occasional dust. Their needs really are simple – no watering, no tending to, just a whole lot of love.

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