Black Kitchen Handles

Wrapping your hand around the knurled edge of your black kitchen handle, you swing the cupboard door open and reach for an espresso cup. The rich scent of roasted coffee beans fills the air, awakening your senses as you take the first sip.

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Inspired by a set of black kitchen door handles you’d seen, you settled on a monochromatic design scheme – sophisticated and simple, leaving the focus on your new handles, bringing in a few pops of colour with carefully chosen accessories. 

Savouring the quiet moment before your day begins, you slowly run your fingertips along the surface of the handle, noting the subtle texture against your skin.

large black magni handle with black stud against chocolate brown background

This attention to detail has transformed your kitchen into a space that brings joy to the everyday. Discover premium kitchen door handles for your home at Dowsing & Reynolds. 

The black kitchen handles range: Set the mood with sleek hardware and a dark colour palette 

Your kitchen is where date nights are enjoyed, conversations are shared and the aroma of herbs and spices lingers into the evening. It’s also one of the largest rooms in your home, with plenty of cupboards, cabinets and drawers – perfect for when you need extra storage, but tricky when choosing a cohesive design scheme.  Your handles need to be convenient, without taking away from the aesthetic. 

Taking another sip of espresso, you cast your eyes over the colour palette of moody greys, fresh whites and black accents, noticing how the handle’s matt finish perfectly complements the glossy cabinets. 

Glancing down at your now empty cup, you head over to the sink and rinse the remains of coffee from the rim. The slender combination tap in satin-black is another new addition, chosen to match the shade of your handles. Your cookbook collection is spread across a series of wall-mounted shelves above the sink, tied together with mosaic wall tiles inspired by your summer travels. 

Coordinating your black kitchen cupboard handles with other fixtures and hardware elements has brought a sense of cohesion to your space. Having found a range of quality designs that you love, the room now has a modern edge that never fails to impress.

Ranging from charcoal leather pulls to jet-black metal handles, there’s a spectrum of shades and finishes to explore.

Matt black kitchen handles for a stylised interior

Create a classic look with t-bar kitchen handles: Characterised by a distinctive ‘T’ shape, this ergonomic design is ideal for opening and closing cabinets with ease whilst bringing a sense of symmetry to any space. 

Choose leather door and cupboard handles for a warmer touch: Smooth in texture with a natural finish, leather handles soften the straight lines of your cabinets and appliances. Our muted shade of black takes cues from Scandinavian-inspired design – try pairing with woven table mats and lots of greenery to complete the look. 

Elevate your minimalist kitchen with knurled handles: If you prefer a functional kitchen layout with a bright and breezy aesthetic, focus your attention on the statement lighting and finishing touches. Knurled black handles will add just the right amount of detail, without overwhelming the simplicity of the room. 

Add points of interest with geometric handles: Turn up the drama with black kitchen handles that add intrigue. Discover a variety of interesting shapes and designs – from elegant bar handles with a gently curved edge to hexagonal styles that stand out from the rest. 

Whether you lean towards more of a relaxed feel or opt for home décor that makes a statement, we have the design for you. Find black handles for your cabinets today.