Pop up wastes & bottle traps

Designed to add the finishing touches to your sinks, basins and baths, pop up  wastes, and matching bottle traps in unusual finishes means…

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You’ll never again feel aggrieved at the bright chrome versions clashing with your carefully chosen fixtures. They pair beautifully with our taps and showers, ensuring that everything in your bathroom and kitchen flows beautifully.

Reaching out, you gradually turn on the hot tap and fumble for the plug, ready to watch the steamy water swirl and slowly pool in the bottom. But wait, instead of a grubby plug dangling on the end of a chain that’s seen better days, your fingertips graze the smooth pop up waste, and you smile, happy to be rid of that worn old chrome plug. Pushing down hard, you listen for the satisfying clunk of the drain slotting into place and wait for the water to rise over your hand. 

Click-clack wastes are those plugs that neatly pop up and push down into place. Bottle traps are the bit that goes under the sink and, when fitted in the same finish for your sink hardware, take your décor to another level. There’s nothing worse than relaxing in the bathtub minding your own business, only to be rudely interrupted by a glaring chrome or white plastic bottle trap that jars with your carefully orchestrated space. 

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