Schuko Sockets

You’ve put a lot of effort into styling your home, but something doesn’t feel quite right. Looking around, you realise it’s the white plastic schuko sockets that are sticking out like a sore thumb. You know that these small changes will transform your room, so you’re in the right place!

Carefully curating your room into the tonal space of your dreams is all well and good, but to then stick a cheap white plastic schuko socket on the wall is downright criminal. Your eyes will revel in the beauty of your space, only to be disturbed by the glaring white socket disrupting the flow and serenity. Instead, opt for a finish that coordinates perfectly with your space – available in black, white, gold, silver, tarnished copper and smoked gold, schuko sockets can be chosen to blend tonally or stand out. Just make sure they work with your space.

Our exclusive collection of double and single schuko sockets matches perfectly with dimmers, toggles and rocker switches as well as plug and appliance sockets, making your room flow seamlessly. If you want to go all out, match light fittings, kitchen handles and hardware to your switches and sockets to pull your design ideas together.

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