Extension Leads

Snuggled in bed, ready to watch a rom-com on the laptop, you’ve plumped the pillows, arranged the bedding, added a cosy blanket and lit a few scented candles. It’s perfect. And then the inevitable happens: the battery dies.

The usual panic ensues. A mad dash for a cable that doesn’t quite reach, followed by a trail of ghastly white plastic power cables tangled across your immaculately styled room, completely wrecking the tranquil sanctuary you’d created. Well… What if there was an extension lead that didn’t shatter your romantic set-up?

Christened ‘sexy extension leads’ by James, the designer, this beautiful collection of power cables is available in Miami Pink, Neo Mint, Linen, Fisherman’s Jumper, and Black in a choice of two or five metres… For when you need that extra bit of length. 

The thing about these extension leads is that you don’t mind them lounging around your space. Perfect for stretching to put a cheeky animal lamp where you previously couldn’t. Choose a finish that harmoniously blends in or one that contrasts, stands out and catches your eye. They’re going to be visible anyway. They may as well look beautiful! 

Let’s face it, we all think that extension leads are ugly. We’ve all been there, trying to coil the wire back on itself or tuck it away behind furniture so that no one notices it, but these exclusively designed extension leads want you to drape them across sofas, curl them around your hardwood floors and trail them by your desk. They’re statement pieces that also happen to be rather handy. 

If you love the finish of these extension leads, you could take things one step further and coordinate your lighting cables with them. Our bubble chandeliers can be tailor-made with any of our coloured fabric cables. Upgrading to black plug sockets will make sure all of the ‘boring’ bits in your home are super-stylish and ready to be noticed – for all the right reasons!

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