Here are a few questions we get asked on a regular basis…
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Sockets, light switches and dimmers

Are D&R sockets double insulated?

No, the front metal plate is earthed

Can I use non-LED bulbs with an LED dimmer?

Yes, so long as the total cumulative wattage of the bulbs is within the wattage range for the dimmer module.
For LED dimmers this range is 5w-150w per channel/switch.

LED vs STANDARD Dimmer Switch Wattage Chart

Do any LED bulbs work with D&R dimmers?

Yes, any bulb that falls within the wattage range of the dimmers can be used.
For LED dimmers this range is 5w-150w per channel/switch & for STANDARD dimmers this range is 60w-400w per channel/switch.
For example, a three gang STANDARD dimmer has three modules that are EACH 60-400W, so the individual circuits will need to be within that limit.

Can I have a dimmer and two toggles on the same plate?

No, our full range of options is listed on the website.

Can I put a 2-way dimmer and a 2-way toggle on the same circuit / for the same light?

Technically yes, but it would be very difficult to use as the switch and dimmer would operate independently – no real advantage to doing this.

Can I use an intermediate switch with LED bulbs?

Yes – LED bulbs work just like normal bulbs in this regard.

Can I use 100 watt bulb with your triple toggle?

Yes, each toggle module can take 2kW (2,000W) of load.

Can I have a three gang with 1 of the gang intermediate and one of the gangs 2 way?



Light bulbs, bulb holders and ceiling roses

Do I need an LED bulb holder for an LED bulb?

No, but some holders are only for use with lower wattage bulbs so do please check. For example, our Kyoto pendant set is only suitable for use with 12 watts or lower bulbs.