Leather Handles

Opening cupboard doors and drawers is a sensory experience. Or it can be if you choose to fit leather handles! A mini-mindful moment if you will – the feel of leather in your hand as you rush to find something stuffed in the back of a kitchen drawer or rummaging in your wardrobe for THAT hoodie. Where will you fit yours…

Leather handles look gorgeous, and choosing high-quality ones like ours means they feel more substantial in your hands too. They’re great for adding a touch of your style – leather wardrobe door handles instantly make flat-pack furniture look less like everyone else’s.

Upcycling a much-loved chest of drawers with some leather drawer pulls breathe new life into it while updating kitchen units with leather cupboard handles instantly changes their look.

With eighteen combinations of leather and stud colour, we’ve got an option to suit all interior colours and style – however, you want to express yourself. And it’s good to know that all our leather is sourced from Italy and coloured using natural vegetable dyes.

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