Pull Light Switches

Pull light switches are incredibly handy. They’re much easier to retrofit next to your bed than traditional light switches, primarily because you can feed the electrical wiring through the cavity above your ceiling, rather than digging out your walls.

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They also save you from jumping out of bed to turn the light out when you’re all snuggled down ready for a good night’s sleep. But forget the grubby white affairs found in your nan’s bathroom – there are a whole bunch of gorgeous alternatives these days.

For starters, black pull light switches are available! Black ceiling rose, black cord and black weight/handle. It’s super-cool. If you have golden metallic accents in your space already – say brass plug sockets or wardrobe handles – then we have a brass and black version. 

Perhaps you’ve already got some of our tarnished copper sockets in your room. Well, there’s tarnished copper pull light switches that coordinate perfectly. It’s the flow of these little details around your space that keeps it looking attractive and makes it a place that will bring you moments of happiness every time your gaze falls on them. 

Sometimes, only silver will do – especially if you’ve already fitted silver plug sockets in your room – and we’ve got that covered too, as well as white and smoked gold. All finishes match our standard light switches and plug sockets collections, so turning ceiling lights off from the comfort of your duvet never felt or looked so good!