Ceiling Lights

Wandering around your home, you gaze up at the ceilings and decide today’s the day you’ll choose some new ceiling lighting. A long overdue task, you feel ready to dive in, and having seen loads of inspiration on social, you’re on the hunt for the perfect ceiling lights for your kitchen, lounge, and bedroom. Pendants or chandeliers that better reflect your tastes and style.

How do you know you'll choose the right ceiling lights to fit in your space. Will it look as good as the influencer shots you've been pouring over? Where do you start? 

Thinking about your living room lighting, you realise this is a calm place. A restful space to relax in front of a box set. Curl up with a good book. Spread out with a jigsaw or chew the fat with family and friends. While you've got the lower-level table and floor lamps covered, the room is missing a focal point. That statement-making light that finishes off a room. A chandelier feels right for in here.

Your bedroom lighting is something you never feel you get quite right. The mornings are a mad dash of hunting for matching socks in drawers and distinguishing one black top from another in your wardrobe. The evenings are more serene. A time for chilling out after a restorative shower. The answer here is a feature ceiling lights that match the size of your room and are controlled by a dimmer switch so you can turn them up bright in the mornings to avoid frustrating mismatches, and dim in the evening to create a cosy ambience. 

Kitchen lighting can be the trickiest to get right. You want ceiling lights that look great as well as being functional. It has to provide enough light to actually undertake all the intricate kitchen tasks you need to do, but also add to the style of the space. Multiple pendant lights hanging above a kitchen island or breakfast bar are a great way to be stylish and practical!

Whatever ceiling lights you're after, we have a selection of carefully chosen, stylish lighting designed to help you express your style AND be practical.

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