Silver Light Switches & Plug Sockets

There’s no denying that chrome, steel and nickel are classic finishes for anything metallic. Our silver light switches and sockets are no exception, HOWEVER… Where they do differ from other sterling switches and sockets is in their detail, and the options you have to choose from. The small finishing touches that make them feel like you’ve had a hand in their design.

So, you’ve gone with silver light switches and sockets for your room. The sockets are reasonably standard, but when it comes to light switches you have oodles of choice. Dimmers, toggles or rockers for starters. Let’s say you choose dimmers… You can then select the finish of the knurled knobs on your switch: silver, gold, black or white. Each choice gives you a slightly different look but no need for any guesswork, all the options are photographed and shown in the product listings so you can see exactly what the switches will look like before you buy.

You can even clip the images to use on your mood board if you’re starting a room re-vamp from scratch. And if you are, perhaps you’ll be looking for statement lights, table lamps and internal door handles too? Many of our lights come in a Forgotten Silver finish that will accent your new silver light switches and silver plug sockets perfectly.

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