Rocker Switches

Loving the idea of fancy light switches, you resign yourself to the ordinary on account of the little hands in your family who’d struggle with anything other than simple pressure switches.

But wait… A rocker switch needn’t be boring! With both coloured and metallic finishes, we have rockers that love to make a statement and ones that prefer to blend into your background wall colour. Whatever your style, there’s a beautiful rocker switch to match…

Deliciously named Whipped Cream, Cinnamon, and Caramel Latte hues harmonise in spaces with earthy, grounding tones. They’re warm and comforting. A little wave of pleasure passes through you as you reach out to switch your pendant lights on. 

Smoked Gold and Tarnished Copper are more evocative finishes, unique to us. Each rocker switch is individual, so there’s absolutely no fear of being too matchy-matchy with these guys. They delight your eyes as you glance around the room and always attract admiring remarks from visitors.

And then there are the always gorgeous, matt black light switches, plus classic white, luxe gold, and brushed silver light switches. All finishes come with coordinating plug sockets to complete your room so you don’t have to put up with a mish-mash of styles ever again.

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