Gold / Brass Light Switches & Sockets

Admiring your new gold light switch, you ponder the immense difference it’s making to your room. The matching gold switches and sockets are exactly the metallic accents you’d dreamed of – the opulent embellishments infuse your minimalist decor with a captivating touch. Reflecting light, they glimmer, reminding you that beauty is found in the smallest details. 

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Bring your dream home to life with our stunning collection of gold light switches and sockets. Shop now and complete the picture-perfect look you’ve been envisioning.

Indulge in the regal charm of gold light switches and sockets

Gold light switches and plug sockets are a beautiful way to add luxury and elegance subtly – you don’t want to go too bling – or do you? Maximalism is a ‘thing’ and if it’s your style then we’re cheering you on to go for it.

Picture this: a warm metallic touch, dotted around the room that gleams and reflects light. They’re the perfect companions to a feature ceiling light, capturing the rays from every cascading bulb. They create a sense of movement, sparking your curiosity and piquing your interest. And when you need to take a moment of peace, they become an inviting focal point, offering a resting place for your gaze.

Whether you’re going for broke styling out your crib or simply want to add subtle detail to your walls, gold switches and gold sockets are a great option. Ours bear no resemblance whatsoever to the outdated 70s versions. We have a whole range of gold sockets including some with USB charger ports and ALL the versions you could want for your kitchen.

The gold switch range: Take your pick from dimmers to toggles and custom options

Light switches wise, we’ve got dimmable switches, toggles and classic rockers to choose from, all in single, double, triple and quadruple versions. It’s hard to imagine there’s a scenario we haven’t thought of… You have the option to select the finish of the actual switch too – so if you choose a brushed gold-coloured plate, you have black, silver, white and more gold to pick from for the switch itself. Gold light switches with black details convey a slightly different look to the same with silver switches. Just pick whichever you like the look of most. We’ve photographed all the variations so you can see how your switches will look before you buy.

And if after all that you decide gold isn’t for you, then how about copper plug sockets or black light switches and sockets?

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