Copper Light Switches & Copper Sockets

Switches and sockets are one of those things we all take for granted – sockets, in particular, can be considered an eyesore to be hidden behind strategically placed furniture.

Until now… Our polished, brushed, and tarnished copper sockets and copper light switches are so beautiful, they’ll become a feature of your décor in their own right. Bringing moments of joy as your eyes flit around your room, settling here and there on something that catches your attention.

That’s a pretty seismic shift in how we think about these functional details right! Imagine considering copper sockets and switches as part of your room’s theme. A detail that can add pleasing elements that you want to look at rather than disguise.

Our Tarnished copper finish-  is not only unique to us but also each piece is completely individual. No two items are identical, and they change over time as they get used. So, every time you switch off your TV, you add a little something to your copper sockets. Great if you’re someone who embraces the changing seasons and the transient nature of things whereas if you prefer a look that’s a little more predictable and controllable… Opt for a polished or brushed copper light switch – that might be more your cuppa!

Matt black plug sockets and switches, brass sockets and switches if you like a bit of luxe and silver if brushed steel is more your thing.

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