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You’d recently claimed this corner of the kitchen as a workspace, but the multiple adaptor cables were distracting your focus. Now, having swapped out your flush-fit plug socket for a USB version, it finally feels like an area with purpose – a Japandi-inspired space with uncluttered surfaces and calming earthy tones.

Whether you’re drawn to light and airy design schemes or love to collect statement pieces that add colour and contrast, we have a variety of plug sockets to explore.

black double socket with usb installed on a wood cladded wall in a kitchen

Choose from a selection of double USB sockets and data ports. 

Discover decorative sockets with USB ports and boost the functionality of your space

Leaning back into the welcoming curve of your desk chair, your eyes fall to your new socket. 


The sleek, screwless design adds a contemporary feel, blending into the wall as if it were always there. Taking in the surrounding features, you notice how the colour of the socket elevates the lighter shades of your oak wood furniture. It’s the perfect balance of white with warmer undertones that soften your minimalist décor. 

The joy of finding luxury white sockets with a USB port was unmatched – so much so, that you decided to replace your cooker switch and socket with one from the same range to create cohesion throughout. 

Hearing the faint buzz of your phone, your focus is pulled back to the desk set up – a computer screen for multitasking, a laptop positioned at just the right height and a desk lamp for focused lighting when the evening draws in. Your vintage radio is perched on a shelf above the desk, bringing a touch of nostalgia to the modern workspace. 

All made possible by installing a double socket with a USB port. Find yours today.

What makes our range of USB sockets different?

It’s never just a plug socket or a light switch. As an essential aspect of the home, these fixtures uplift your décor and create a space that flows effortlessly. 

Glancing around the room, you take in the finer details. From the way the light catches the corner of the wall socket to the layers of texture from your ceramic tableware and woven baskets, each element brings a new dimension to the space. 

Complete your carefully curated haven with a USB socket or two:

  • The screwless design is brilliantly versatile, blending seamlessly into any interior design scheme
  • Finished to the highest quality, with 12 beautiful shades to choose from

While you’re creating a stylised space for the everyday, have a look at our electrical extension leads. You’ll find woven fabric cords that can be bent to your needs, in shades that demand to be admired. 

Choosing the right finish for your USB plug socket or data port

USB sockets are designed to work across your home, coordinating with the rest of your fixtures, fittings and lighting

Subtle white, silver and chrome USB plug sockets complement minimalist interiors with their flush-fit design. Alternatively, smoked gold and tarnished copper finishes add an air of intrigue that’s perfect for heritage-style properties. 

For a cosier take on neutral colour palettes, take a look at our Whipped Cream range - the warmer white tone blends beautifully into calm, minimal décor.

A few things to consider:


  • Think about the atmosphere you want to create, whether that’s clean and clutter-free, expressive with bursts of personality or an intimate and cosy
  • If you’re set on a matt finish, black plug sockets with a USB port can be visually impactful as well as practical, disguising fingerprints in high-traffic areas
  • Two-tone sockets allow you to completely customise your space
  • Take into account the location of your outlet – is it in a prominent area, like the kitchen, or is it in a more personal space, like your bedroom or home office? This will potentially influence the colour and style you choose.

Tie everything together with matching single and double sockets

Larger spaces with multiple outlets can be tricky. But once you’ve found a design that works well with your interior, you can easily coordinate your sockets while still being creative with your décor choices.

black double socets installed on a pink tiled wall in a black and pink kitchen

Standing in the middle of the room, you make a mental note of each outlet. Positioned just above the counter is a double-plug socket, currently powering the toaster and coffee machine. Moving towards the dining table, there are two single plug sockets – one beside a lamp and the other discreetly hidden behind a floor-length mirror. 

Now that you’ve installed a new USB plug socket, it’s time to tackle the rest. 

Shop an exciting range of premium plug sockets at Dowsing & Reynolds.