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Basking in the warm glow of your Dowsing & Reynolds table lamp, you can’t help but fall in love…

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The intricate details and bold design elements make it so special.

The contrast between the base and the delicate elegance of the black cotton shade is captivating. The shade’s soft curves are relaxing to your eyes  while the metallic studs that adorn it catch the light ever-so-slightly, a sight that’s hard to peel your eyes away from.

Breathing deeply, you realise that this lamp has become more than just a decorative piece. It’s a symbol of your individuality and flair, a testament to your love of designer pieces. It’s a conversation starter, and a beloved addition to your home.

Add charm and beauty to your living spaces with one of our exclusively designed and hand-assembled table lamps.

Uncovering the unique glow of our table lamps: What sets our lights apart?

Searching for a bedside table lamp that’s more original than the typical model, you stumble across the Dowsing & Reynolds website. Having heard about the exclusive designs, you figure a premium table lamp is an excellent way to add pizazz to your room.

Here’s why Dowsing & Reynolds premium table lamps differ:

  • In-house design and assembly: The experts at our Leeds HQ create exceptional pieces designed to make a difference in your home. When designing new lighting ranges, our product development team takes inspiration from catwalks to nature.
  • Meaningful details: Our team lives and breathes for the beauty in the ordinary and thrives on turning even the most mundane tasks, such as turning on a lamp, into moments of pleasure. From how a lamp looks, feels, and sounds when you press the switch, we focus on every detail to ensure a truly exceptional product.
  • Quality materials: Only the finest materials get chosen for our beautiful table lamps; brass, copper, and stainless steel, ensuring your lamp is a long-lasting masterpiece. Our lampshades are constructed from premium fabrics, guaranteeing aesthetic appeal and durability.
  • Enhanced functionality: Illuminate your space with one of our innovative lamps that provides flattering light diffusion and built-in USB charging mechanisms and LED panels. With these added features, you can quickly charge your devices while enjoying a warm, inviting glow that enhances any space.

Introducing our modern lamp collection

Classic designs with a modern twist embody timeless sophistication, while traditional materials combined in new ways add interest and intrigue to your rooms. Making a statement with table lamps is easier than ever. 

Here’s an introduction to a few from our range of table lamps…

Handmade concrete table lamps: The spark of creativity that led to D&R

A decade ago, our co-founder melded industrial concrete with the delicacy of fabrics, forming a modern-rustic lamp that inspired our design journey as a company. Today, our concrete lamps are meticulously hand crafted by skilled specialists at our headquarters in Leeds. 

Experience the charm of cage table lamps

Cage lamps are effortlessly versatile. Gorgeous to look at and compact enough to fit in the smallest of spaces, their long cable means they’re easy to move from place to place. 

Rest these attractive cage lamps on a sleek floating shelf to highlight a few choice treasures, or place them on a low-level end table next to your sofa to create an ambient atmosphere

The softer shades of grey, pink and white work well for a chic bedroom lighting solution, while classic black will sit comfortably pretty much anywhere. These lamps look especially captivating on one of our industrial-style structural wall shelves - a match made in heaven. 

Lighting that sparks joy: Find your new lamp by Dowsing & Reynolds

From the cool sensation of a solid brass light switch to the soft glow of your kitchen lighting, our thoughtfully-designed products make even hectic days a little brighter.

The teams at Dowsing & Reynolds use artistic skills and interior design knowledge to create items we hope will make you smile.

We pride ourselves on quality customer service – trained experts answering your queries the same day. Our friendly team can advise on anything from which table lamp will go the best in your room to the most appropriate size of handle to choose for your kitchen units. We’re here to ensure you get the best product for your home.

Leather desk lamp with black leather shade and brass base against black background
Burgundy cage shade table lamp on wooden shelf with frosted bulb switched on

Which light bulbs are compatible with our table lamps?

Select lamps in our collection come with inbuilt LED bulbs due to their specific design, ensuring you have the perfect setup right out of the box. 

We include options for compatible light bulbs on the product description page for other lamps, so you can easily select the correct bulb for your new lamp. If it’s a designer LED light bulb you’re after, perhaps explore our wide selection of bulbs to find the right match.

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  • Whipped Cream cylindrical table lamp

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  • Baxter Frenchie Table Lamp

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  • Black marble table lamp

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  • Heidi Hare Floor Lamp

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  • Odette Swan Wall Light

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  • Galactic Cobalt lobster table lamp

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  • Savannah Ostrich Wall Lamp

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  • Skye Giraffe Floor Lamp

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  • umage asteria pearl white and brass table lamp with usb charging port on black background switched onclose up image of umage asteria white table light on black background

    Pearl White Asteria table lamp

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  • Lipstick Red lobster table lamp

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  • Antique Brass pyramid table lamp

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  • Terrarium cylindrical table lamp

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  • Pink Marble table lamp

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  • Green Marble table lamp

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