The Little Details

Following on from our last Keeping it Simple post, we’ve got another roundup of your project photos. We’ve enjoyed looking through your lighting and renovation projects where you’ve used our products.Thank you to everyone who emailed their photos or tagged them on Instagram!

This month the focus has been on little details.

All the projects featured below show how the smallest of details can go a long way. Whether it’s changing a standard light fitting or adding industrial sockets, the results can be amazing!

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How hip can hardware be?

Kitchen Door Handles & Drawer Knobs on an industrial metal desk

You may already know all about our bare bulbs collection…but did you also know that we now have a Hip Hardware range featuring industrial style furniture handles, kitchen door handles & kitchen drawer knobs? I know, I know, when you think of hardware the word hip doesn’t automatically spring to mind. To me it conjures up memories of being dragged to look at drill bits and bricks with my Dad every weekend. I was dubious to say the least. In fact, the very definition of hardware is ‘tools, machinery, and other durable equipment’, again not so appealing. That being said, our hardware IS hip, industrial and dare I say, a little bit sexy. I’m officially becoming my Dad. Continue reading

Keeping it simple

Over the past few months you’ve been sending us photos of your lighting projects, using our products. Thank you! We love seeing your designs and we wanted to share them…so others can take a little bit of inspiration.

Then we thought, why not turn this into a regular feature? So that’s what we’re going to do! Every month we’ll be showcasing your projects on the blog, showing how easy it is to use our products in your lighting projects. Continue reading

Lighting on The Great Interior Design Challenge

The Great Interior Design Challenge

Did you see our lighting on The Great Interior Design Challenge on BBC 2 this week?

The Great Interior Design Challenge asks amateur designers to transform similar rooms in neighbouring houses. Following a brief set out by the homeowners, they have just three days to complete their designs. The winner from each episode goes onto the next round, until three designers are left to compete in the final and be crowned the winner. Continue reading

Raw Materials – the Trend that Keeps on Going

When it comes to interiors there’s nothing I like more (apart from shopping for my favourite piece) is to discover the upcoming trends for the season ahead. I love discovering new patterns and colours, not to mention what the textures are going to be. Plus it gives me lots of time to save for my next purchase, just don’t tell the other half!

One trend in particular that caught my eye this year is the ‘weathered’ or ‘raw materials’ trend. Each forecasting company gives this theme a different name, but essentially they all draw from the same inspiration; raw materials. This mesmerising trend focuses on raw, natural materials and how their surroundings have affected them. Unrefined beauty I once saw it described as, and I couldn’t have put it better myself. Continue reading

Designer light switches & sockets to turn you on

Designer Switches & Sockets

Announcing our gorgeous new range of exclusive designer light switches and sockets. All designed in-house by us to perfectly complement your industrial style interior. Here I’m picking a switch or socket that I think reflects each of my colleagues!

We pride ourselves as being ‘Purveyors of Bare Bulbs & Hip Hardware’. Hopefully by now you’ve seen our fabulous selection of gorgeous vintage light bulbs, LED’s and designer bulbs. But did you know that we also have an extensive range of exclusively designed industrial light switches and plug sockets? After all, what’s the point in having a carefully crafted lighting feature without having a bit fun turning it on. We’ve got retro toggle switches, beautifully crafted dimmers and coordinating plug sockets in so many colour combinations, and finishes, that we’re sure there’s at least one choice for everyone. Continue reading

Diamond LED geometric light bulbs are forever

geometric light bulbs

A while ago James had a brainwave that he wanted to create a range of LED geometric light bulbs. Of course we were all dubious…we usually are. The mere thought of LED’s was a daunting prospect! The acronym LED – light emitting diode, for me conjures up the beautiful image of Lite Brite, one of my favourite 90’s childhood games. Technically this game wasn’t made from LED’s, but that was the illusion it gave. LED’s are also commonly associated with garish Christmas lights, bright and trashy. A multicoloured hell…but still so full of joy. I didn’t know what to expect of the designs at all. Continue reading

100% Design at Olympia London

Olympia 100% Design

Are you at 100% Design at Olympia in London? If you are, come see us! We’re at the 100% Design Show from Wednesday 21st to Saturday 24th September 2016.

Look out for us on Stand L211 in Olympia at the show…we will mostly be looking like this:

100% Design - Dowsing & Reynolds

Our stand at 100% Design

We have some gorgeous old factories all over England. Some are still in use, some are crumbling; often being reclaimed back by nature.

We’re taking the old industrial fittings and lights that existed in those factories and we’re holding onto those gems. We’re developing them into designs that we can bring forward, to add a touch of industrial chic into homes and interiors.

100% Design’s theme this year is all about experience.

We want to bring you the experience of finding those industrial gems for yourself.

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Turning Japanese for Origami light shades

origami lampshade in orange

We’ve been waiting with anticipation for the arrival of these beautiful origami light shades. A paper lamp shade design which offers a visual hybrid between the traditional concept of origami and one of our favourite styles: geometric. We think you’ll agree that the combination of ancient art and stylish contemporary features are simply stunning.

Origami light shades have officially arrived

With five designs of origami lampshades available; each a different colour and shape, we’re really embracing the uniqueness of origami styling. Each design features white contrasting hand-folded creases and pleats, making the geometric lines really pop which I think really emphasises the evolution of the origami art from into the 21st century. Continue reading