Outside lights

Outdoor lights can often feel like a bit of an afterthought. At the front of the house, we usually put up a wall light or overhead lantern to help us navigate to the front door and for the avoidance of spending frustrating minutes fumbling about in the dark for keys. Elsewhere, we tend to stick functional, sometimes blinding, outside lights up without much thought to how we can use them to make our homes and outside spaces more inviting and enjoyable.

Imagine you’re arriving home and you’ve had to come via the back garden, there’s nowhere to park out front. It’s pitch black, you smash your shin on a rogue toy abandoned earlier in the day, your stiletto heel sticks between the paving slabs and then you can’t see to get your key in the door. None of this sets the tone for a calm and relaxing evening. You’ll be on edge from the minute you step across the threshold, if not before!

In a parallel universe, you’ve placed great looking outdoor lights intermittently along your garden wall. You’ve got an exterior uplight next to the back door – there’s a raven lamp perched on your garden table with a bulb dangling from its beak like a gently glowing miniature harvest moon, you can’t help but smile. Your key goes in the lock smoothly, the first time. A frictionless arrival into your home makes for a much nicer you. We guarantee it.

Fast forward to summer, and you’re all set to make the most of balmy evenings out on the deck. Bulkhead lights come into their own outdoors and go with pretty much any style of outdoor space – even a balcony. If you’re the proud owner of a pagoda, let a few outdoor monkey lights dangle from the overhead beams to instantly brighten the mood creating a fun atmosphere that will help the conversation flow. 

Continue that flow into your home: our cheeky animal lamps are suitable for indoor use as well. The monkeys look super fun hanging around in the kitchen!

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