Animal Lamps

Express the fun side of your personality with characterful animal lamps!

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While Sky, Hartley and Fred are indoor table lamps, some of our monkeys and ravens can be hung from the ceiling or fixed to a wall as well as used outside… Or even in the bathroom if you want to be super-original and create a real talking point!

Just like in the natural world, our animal lamps come in all shapes and sizes. Sky the giraffe, true to her origins is a large-scale floor lamp and makes an eye-catching statement in any space. Used in a smaller room she adds grandeur, and in a larger room creates a focal point when combined with a large floor-standing palm.

Our monkey lights come in a variety of poses; standing, sitting and of course, hanging… So you can let your imagination run wild and subtly hide them away amongst a group of plants to be discovered only at dusk when they light up or, have them centre-stage all day long. Whichever best suits your style.

If you’re not sure these animal lamps are for you, just follow your heart. If you love them, you will find a spot for them in your home and they will bring you such pleasure every time you see them. Guaranteed.

If you’re not feeling the animal theme, then we have plenty of other pendant lights just waiting for you to fall in love with them.