Bathroom Lighting

Sinking your body into the invitingly bubbly water, you feel your muscles begin to unwind under the soft glow of your bathroom lighting…

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Long soaks are your sure-fire way to relax, taking time to decompress and reconnect with yourself in a brief moment of peace. Inhaling the soothing geranium and rose fragrance, you lay perfectly still, observing your breath grow slower and deepening.

Gazing fondly around your soothing sanctuary, you smile at the recent transformation. A lick of paint, some beautiful bathroom accessories and strategically placed wall lighting have changed the mood of the space, and you’ve curated a serene, ambiently lit spot to calm yourself after a long day.

You’ve chosen a couple of characterful bulkheads for the wall, placed on either side of your feature mirror – you like orderly symmetry! Initially built for use on ships, bulkhead lighting is a good option for bathrooms. Water-resistant and robust, they have an organic, rustic feel, transporting you to a completely different time and era. 

If bulkheads aren’t your thing and don’t complement your décor, consider using outdoor lights, many can work well in bathrooms. Built to withstand torrential rain, a few rogue splashes from overly exuberant washing won’t harm them. Check out our outdoor animal lights – they’ll add character in an instant!

When it comes to the finer details, you can achieve a space that looks well-planned and put together by picking one metallic accent colour and matching all your finishing touches: bathroom taps, towel rails, toilet roll holder, and light fittings. All your bathroom accessories! 

Amplify the spa feel of your bathroom by including plants. They instantly bring calm and improve well-being. Lacking the Green Finger gene, not to worry, we have some of the best faux foliage you’ll find – our CEO Ally scoured the world to find some that met her exacting standards. They’re as real-looking as you’ll get.