Dining Room Lighting

Flicking through your favourite cookbooks, you compile a mental checklist of recipes, feeling giddy at the thought of showing off your brand-new home. 

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You LOVE a dinner party – any excuse to get your closest friends together, gathered around the dining table with delicious food, flowing wine, non-stop chatter and general high spirits. You’ve finalised the table plan and nailed the theme – all that’s left is to sort the dining room lighting.

Imagining something elegant to line the table, you search for a multi-ceiling pendant until a row of five baton lights catches your eye. Suspended from a rectangular ceiling rose, you can see these beautifully tarnished cylinders sparking conversation. Dimmed, they’ll make a great accompaniment to a romantic tete-a-tete for two or turned up bright act as spotlights for game nights around the table. 

For dining rooms with more open space, chandeliers will captivate your dinner guests, becoming the focal point of the room. Enchanting to behold, they create intimacy around the dining table, perfect for hosting larger numbers of guests.

Gazing with delight at your new artwork, you take a deep breath, the delicate, earthy tones bringing your racing, plan-centric mind back to a steady pace. Squinting into the space, you decide that some wall lighting would bring the piece to life, adding an extra layer of light to your room, where the glow from your new Baton lights doesn’t quite reach.

Fancy something brimming with personality? Characterful animal lamps add intrigue, creating a talking point for guests. Show them off on sideboards, side tables and dark spots to bolster your ceiling pendant, adding playfulness to your dining room. They’re guaranteed to make you smile.

Hovering over the ‘buy now’ button, you smile, imagining your new dining room light suspended beautifully above the table. Another job ticked off the list! Time to get to work on the kitchen and living room – they also need some stylish new lighting, but first, source a dimmer switch so you can perfectly set the mood for any occasion.