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Snuggled down on the sofa with a chunky blanket draped over your legs, you pick up a piece of buttery popcorn from the bowl and slide it into your mouth. Patiently waiting for the film to start, you lift a steaming mug of hot chocolate to your lips, blowing gently to cool the scorching liquid.

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Early evening is rolling in, and it’s not quite dark enough to switch the ‘big light’ on, but maybe a lamp would do the trick… You’ve meant to do something about your living room lighting for a while now, but where to begin?

Feeling your body sink deeper into the fluffy cushions, you gaze around your space, thinking about your sacred early mornings reading the latest Sunday Times bestseller and raucous Friday nights hosting friends for drinks and nibbles. Layering your lighting with multiple sources will help you achieve the perfect ambience for every occasion.

Eyeing the ornate porcelain ceiling rose delicately carved into the plaster above, you decide to start with the main light. Perhaps something a bit grander would work better – a feature light that draws you in, like a moth to a flame. Stumbling across a beautifully impactful bubble chandelier, you imagine it cascading down, bringing elegance to your space. You decide to upgrade to one of the stunning coordinating dimmer switches so you can adjust the ambience to the nth degree. You like control.

Glancing over to the corner, you smile at the sight of your reading nook. Books are like magic to you, and this part of the living room, with your cosy boucle armchair, has become your nighttime sanctuary. But it needs a little more light – something that coordinates with the traditional period features of your Victorian home. Eyeing the blank wall above the chair, you decide on a strategically placed vintage-inspired wall sconce in antique brass to coordinate with the rest of your fittings.

Now there’s just the bare sideboard to consider. Layering your lighting with a table lamp would mean you can take the levels down seductively low when the moment calls for it, and you set about finding the perfect fit…


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  • Antique Brass rectangular table lamp

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  • Whipped Cream cylindrical table lamp

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  • Baxter Frenchie Table Lamp

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  • Antique Brass Grosvenor wall light

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  • brass feature pendant lights with opal bulbs againast black background

    Trikonasana gold multi-arm light

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  • Black marble table lamp

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  • Heidi Hare Floor Lamp

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  • Odette Swan Wall Light

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  • Savannah Ostrich Wall Lamp

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  • Galactic Cobalt lobster table lamp

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  • Skye Giraffe Floor Lamp

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  • umage asteria pearl white and brass table lamp with usb charging port on black background switched onclose up image of umage asteria white table light on black background

    Pearl White Asteria table lamp

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