Kitchen Lighting

Perching at the breakfast bar, you wait for your coffee machine to kick in, listening for the classic whirr as the hot milk froths into the mug. Inhaling the nutty aroma of caffeine, you stand and wrap your hands around the freshly made cappuccino, taking a deep breath as you cast your eye over your newly renovated kitchen. 

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Light and airy, you can’t help but feel at ease here, whether you’re in the depths of cooking a Sunday roast or catching up with friends and family. Gazing upwards, you glimpse the row of opal bulbs lined neatly above your kitchen island. Suspended from a single rectangular ceiling rose, they’re satisfyingly evenly spaced and gently illuminating the marble top whilst zoning the kitchen from the open plan dining area.

Draining the last of your coffee, you get to work on prepping the juicy vegetables you picked from the market this morning, ready for tonight’s dinner guests. Spreading out succulent tomatoes, colourful peppers, and a lusciously chunky cucumber, you begin to chop, first setting the lighting levels high using your decadently gold dimmer switch. You love being able to adjust your kitchen lighting, and turning the knurled dimmer dial is always a touchpoint treat.

Setting meat and cheese platters on the oak dining table, you are momentarily distracted. You knew you wanted a statement light that brings everyone together, and this frosted bubble chandelier far exceeded your expectations. Like a cloud floating from your ceiling, it draws you to the table, inviting you to relax amongst great company and fine food. 

With everything in place, you dim the lights, creating the perfect evening ambience. Strolling around the room, you give it one final check, flicking on your table lamp as you go, the soft, soothing light easing you into relaxation. 

If you can pull yourself away from your fabulous kitchen lighting, maybe have a browse around our dining room lighting and living room lighting collections to create a beautiful atmosphere throughout your home.