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Faux Monstera Plant Frondness

closeup of monstera plant against soft pink wall

Unless you live under a rock, you’ll already know that the Monstera plant is THE plant of the moment. It’s quite literally everywhere you look, especially social media. In fact, it’s pretty hard to escape this beautiful plant… And to be fair, why would you want to?

quote from Bobby Berk

It’s time to fake it

However, if like me, you have plant devouring cats and you are not the greatest of plant mamas, then I have some wonderful news. You can source faux Monstera plants right here at D&R… AND they look the real deal too.

Nothing like those silky fake plants you’ll find littering your grandma’s house. The great thing about artificial plants is that they take away the stress of how often, and how much, you need to water them. Just the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth and they’re happy as Larry.

black crittal shower screen in white and black tiled bathroom with monstera plant
image courtesy of @thepramshed

grey living room with crittal style doors and a monstera plant sitting on a coffee table
image courtesy of @design_at_nineteen

Another thing to note is that the leaves of the Monstera contain calcium oxalate… A substance that is pretty harmful to cats – so if you have any feline friends, it’s definitely safer to stick to the artificial variety.

faux monstera plant
Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

What is a Monstera anyway?

So what’s the deal with the Monstera Deliciosa, and why are people loving it so much? Indigenous to South America, this leafy wonder, also known as a cheese plant, derives its name from the unusual shape of its leaves; Monstera is Latin for ‘strange’ dontcha know.

Oh, and were you aware that in its natural habitat, the Monstera bares a fruit that tastes just like fruit salad? Sounds amazing, right. If only I was green-fingered enough to cultivate such a specimen.

faux monstera plant
image courtesy of @parkfieldlife
faux monstera plant
image courtesy of @restoringlansdowne

In Chinese culture, Monstera plants are symbolic of living a long and prosperous life. There’s really no harm in attempting to add a bit more longevity to your life by placing a faux monstera in your home. I mean, everyone wants to live a little bit longer right?

Artificial Cheese Plant Close Up


Monstera plants prettify whichever space you decide to show them off in. Their unusual leaf shape makes them hyper-instagrammable, and they’re guaranteed to make any corner of your home look styled to perfection within that tiny Instagram square… The rest of your home is allowed to be a tad unkempt!

So go ahead, find a chic ceramic pot and embrace the trend by giving the Monstera a home in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, wherever you want really. The Monstera is here to stay.

If you’re one of the faux monstera plant owning cool kids, please tag us in your Instagram posts. We love love love seeing how you use our artificial plants around your home.

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Written by: Keren

Keren loves tea, tattoos, dinosaurs and all things Gothic. An eclectic mix of interests we think you'll agree, but she fits right in here! Keren is part of our ever expanding marketing team and supports Lyz in all things copy related.

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