Bulkhead lights

Well-built, good-looking bulkhead lights seek a steamy bathroom, humid kitchen, entrance porch or outdoor garden wall to settle on for long-term relationships. 

Seaworthy bulkhead lights authentically made in Greece for actual ships – that’s how tough they are! Weatherproof and waterproof to IP64, these quality wall lights thrive in damp conditions like kitchens and bathrooms* as well as the wetter environments of gardens and houseboats. They can endure the tempests of high seas, so domestic life sounds pretty cushy!

Uncompromisingly constructed of solid brass and toughened glass, our bulkhead lights are made to last. Some of the gang are treated to make them silver, black or aged in appearance, but they’re all solid brass underneath. They come in an assortment of shapes and sizes: the archetypal oval, supersized, perfectly proportioned circular, dressed with stylish wingnuts and even a downlight too.

Other outdoor lights are available! If you fancy something a little less artisan, then have a browse around our other outside lighting options. Explore ground-level lighting and animal lamps that’ll really express your sense of humour.

*Please use this guide to check where you can fit lights safely in a bathroom.

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