Red is definitely a statement colour. It’s bold, rich and vibrant – perfect for using as an accent in any interior. Bright tomato shades add a pop of colour whilst darker berry and wine tones blend and tone with greys and neutrals.

As a colour, it can be incorporated in a variety of ways. To really make a statement show off against monochrome or metallic shades. It really sings against black and darkest navy blue. We love using a vibrant red balloon cage over a bare bulb in a grey living room where the vivid colour can really stand out. Suspend an anthracite or raw steel industrial light shade from a length of the same coloured fabric cable to create contrast in a calm neutral or all-white kitchen.  The options are limitless but wherever you add a splash of this pillar box shade, you inject energy and movement.

If you're lusting after diamonds, our geometric cage light shade is just the thing. With a stunning multi-faceted design, this powder-coated steel shade won't cost the earth either. It's a winner!

Each of our fabulous diamond cage light shades features a minimalist geometric design that's perfect for making a statement in your interiors. What's more, the steel cage casts beautiful shadows that add a beautiful ambience to your spaces, especially when paired with a concealed filament LED bulb.

We love this geometric cage light shade pretty much anywhere. But they look particularly amazing suspended in a cluster from a multi-outlet ceiling rose, or as a chic and understated bedside table lamp. There definitely something we're all lusting over here at D&R.

To create the light of your dreams, check out our lighting components section, where you'll find everything you need to create a bespoke feature out of this geometric cage light shade. Alternatively, if you want to envisage exactly how your light will look, try out our customise your light feature, where a mock-up of your light will be built before your very eyes. You can even choose to have it pre-assembled by our trusty assembly team. What more could you ask for?

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