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How hip can hardware be?

You may already know all about our bare bulbs collection…but did you also know that we now have a Hip Hardware range featuring industrial style furniture handles, kitchen door handles & kitchen drawer knobs? I know, I know, when you think of hardware the word hip doesn’t automatically spring to mind. To me it conjures up memories of being dragged to look at drill bits and bricks with my Dad every weekend. I was dubious, to say the least. In fact, the very definition of hardware is ‘tools, machinery, and other durable equipment’, again not so appealing. That being said, our hardware IS hip, industrial and dare I say, a little bit sexy. I’m officially becoming my Dad.

Hip Hardware – Brand new industrial-style furniture handles, door handles & knobs

One of our newest additions – industrial style furniture handles, door handles & drawer knobs is particularly fabulous and makes updating your kitchen, furniture, or anything you want ridiculously easy! Look beyond the practicalities of having door handles and knobs. Yes, it’s always good to be able to open your cupboards easily…after all a girls gotta eat. But do we really have to sacrifice style for the sake of functionality?

The simple answer to that question is no. Handles and knobs are a really important (and often overlooked) part of our homes. After all, you wouldn’t want a carefully styled interior ruined by an unsightly knob. A stunning way to tie your rooms together is by coordinating your door and drawer handles with your rooms – and it’s not as hard as you may think.

Our favourites

industrial style furniture handles

With so many different standout styles it’s really difficult to choose a favourite, so I’ve asked around the team ‘what’s your favourite knob?’ after much inappropriate giggling to my oh so serious question…and a few answers too crude to write here, I got some serious responses but let’s start with me.

Keren (me) loves vintage, fairytale chic

Because I’m ridiculously indecisive I have two favourites. My first love is the kitchen door handle Iron Age. It has a real handmade vibe and is authentically vintage. This door handle to me is very fairy tale-esque and instantly takes me back to watching the secret garden and more medieval-inspired movies like Robin Hood, A Knight’s Tale and Labyrinth. I can imagine using it to open a door to a world full of wonder and delight, and I want to feel that all the time. This untreated handle will react with the environment around it, tarnishing and naturally ageing over time. I would love to use this handle on an old set of pine drawers that I own. I just know that this iron handle would really toughen them up, complimenting the old wood beautifully to create a vintage-industrial finish with just a hint of mystery.

industrial style furniture handles

Another firm favourite is the kitchen door handle Abode. Again, I think I like this because of its vintage appearance, it looks like something out of a library or an archaic office. The antiquated iron age finish has a real industrial feel, it’s weathered, robust and is smooth to the touch – I’ve been stroking this subconsciously while writing this. I think that this handle would look amazing on a kitchen door, either placed on reclaimed wood for a vintage feel or on grey painted cupboards for a contemporary-industrial style. There’s even space for a label – the perfect excuse for organised cupboards!

industrial style furniture handles

Danni rebels against minimalist nouveau knobs

Danni likes a Nouveau knob. A gorgeously minimalist curved handle that can be styled in a plethora of ways. Use either vertically, horizontally or even as two together to form a full circle. Rebellious Danni always breaks the rules – she loves the combination of brass and farrier bronze together as one (gasp). This statement drawer knob would be the perfect contrast to a contemporary kitchen. Use on sleek soft grey or white cupboards to really let the two-toned finish stand out. If you’re not quite as unruly as Danni, use these half-moon shaped knobs individually to add drama to your kitchen cabinets.

Tony is keeping it simple – and industrial

Tony is a no-fuss kind of guy and he loves the conceptual knobs – particularly the circular one. These rugged knobs epitomise industrial design. Made of cast iron, they’re definitely rugged and have a gorgeously distressed surface – perfect for an industrial vibe. This vintage effect circle conceptual knob is simple, practical, and pretty much goes with anything. I think that these robust kitchen drawer knobs look amazing on reclaimed or salvaged wooden furniture – they make me want to up-cycle everything! Use as drawer handles or doorknobs on antique drawers, wardrobes, and cupboards to create a vintage-industrial aesthetic.

industrial style furniture handles

Abigail is loving leather

Abigail responded far too speedily for my liking…it’s like she anticipated the question. She loves the Magni Volcanic Cinder kitchen door handle with raw brass detail. This striking leather door handle has something rather Viking about it, hence the name ‘Magni’, son of Thor. Magni is masculine, butch, and sexy, everything you’re looking for in a cupboard handle, right? This rugged leather strap style handle has a real vintage feel about it, it’s so soft and will wear naturally over time. A raw brass knurled knob contrasts the supple leather – it’s almost too burly. This gorgeous rich tan strap compliments a vintage chest of drawers perfectly adding a deliciously rustic edge to your furniture. It’s even available in a range of colours – black is my personal favourite, with either bronze or brass knobs. These leather beauties are perfect for using as an alternative to kitchen door handles. Coordinate with Thor drawer handles to complete the look.

industrial style furniture handles

James is industrial through and through

James is a big fan of the hexagonal knob, particularly the cubist kitchen drawer knobs. These chunky knobs are wonderfully industrial. Made of solid brass with a nice deep design, they’re really good to get a grip of. These strapping handles look stunning on minimalist drawers, doors and cupboards. I love the bronze finish against grey or white tones, but it also works really well with rustic furniture – it creates contrast and really stands out. The brass finish adds a glam-industrial vibe to white-painted cupboards and the polished silver pretty much works anywhere! This brawny knob is also available in an art deco style…funnily enough it’s called Deco and has geometric tooled grooves…ahhhh. I think this raw brass deco handle looks fab as a luxe drawer handle – it can instantly update a cabinet or chest of drawers, adding a unique and elegant touch to your home. For a dainty alternative try our Bauhaus knobs, a slim-line hexagonal handle.

industrial style furniture handles

Lyz loves simplicity…and black

Lyz is a lover of all things minimalist and black. So it came as no surprise when she told me that her favourite knob was the kitchen drawer knob Minimalist in bronze. These drawer handles are discreet, sleek and svelte, perfect for subtly transforming contemporary furniture. Lyz would use Minimalist on monochromatic painted doors and drawers. The metallic finish adds contrast and sophistication to your furniture without being too ostentatious. They’re really tactile too – made from solid brass, Minimalist makes opening your drawers feel just a little more lavish…and we all want to feel a little regal when getting our knick-knacks out.

industrial style furniture handles

Ally is eternally grungy

Ally’s obvious favourite knob is the Avant-Garde. Available in three sleek finishes, with a knurled, industrial design Avant-Garde is elegant with a rugged twist. Just like Ally. This compact knob is ideal for using in an industrial kitchen, place on rustic wooden cupboards to finish off your carefully styled rooms. Avant-Garde in raw brass looks incredible against matt grey painted cupboards and drawers. I love the metallic effect – it’s perfect for making a rebellious statement against your industrial surfaces, adding a touch of glam. The knurled finish toughens the knob up. It definitely makes itself known without imposing on your interiors. It’s just too cool!

What’s more – we even have dimmer switches that have the same knurled effect. Coordinate to create a gorgeously polished vibe! Check out our exclusively designed collection of switches, sockets dimmers and toggles.

How will you style yours?

Now that I’ve given you a brief introduction to our knobs, it’s your turn to show us yours. We love to see how you’re styling our products and I am very excited to see how you update and upcycle your furniture using this industrial range. Don’t forget to tag us in your Instagram pics!

Written by: Keren

Keren loves tea, tattoos, dinosaurs and all things Gothic. An eclectic mix of interests we think you'll agree, but she fits right in here! Keren is part of our ever expanding marketing team and supports Lyz in all things copy related.

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