Drifting past your sculptural shelves, you can’t resist admiring how beautifully your precious memories are organised…

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The gleaming golden rods that adjoin each shelf enhance the beauty of the photographs even more.

Dowsing & Reynolds shelves are designed to help display and celebrate the most meaningful items in your home. The understated design of our shelves lets your cherished items take centre stage, and thanks to their resilient construction, you can enjoy them for many years to come.

When you’re dealing with the hustle and bustle of daily life, unwinding in a home that feels like your own personal sanctuary is the ultimate relief.

Dowsing & Reynolds home interior products help to make that possible, enabling you to concentrate on what matters most – special moments and delightful décor that fills your heart with happiness.

Contemporary shelves: Showcasing what matters most

Whether you’re displaying family photos, mementos from travels, or simply your unique ornamental vases, shelves from Dowsing & Reynolds offer an eye-catching platform for displaying them.

If you’re looking to inject some visual interest with a shelf that’s far from average, our decorative shelves tick all the right boxes.

On the flip side, if you’re all about that traditional aesthetic and crave a clean look, our floating shelves won’t draw too much attention. These shelves offer an uncomplicated yet attractive way to display your favourite bits and bobs.

With this range of premium hardware, you can finally bid farewell to jumbled areas. Add some pizzazz to your home décor and enjoy a clutter-free home with our practical and understated shelves.

Explore our collection of wall-mounted or floating shelves to stylishly store your treasured items or choose a set of stylish shelf brackets.

Maximise space in style with floating shelves

Admiring your new dream apartment and the awe-inspiring views of the city, the frosted-bubble chandelier casts a golden glow across the room, highlighting the carefully chosen décor that perfectly reflects your unique style.

As you take a seat to unwind, you notice that something is missing – a way to display your precious items without compromising the aesthetic of your home.

Introducing our quality floating shelves – the ultimate storage solution that will entice your eyes and elevate the beautiful plants and foliage

  • We’ve got floating shelves in three different sizes, giving you the freedom to create a layered effect to add depth and dimension to your home. You can choose to arrange them in a traditional linear fashion, or get creative and arrange them in an asymmetrical or geometric pattern – there is no shortage of possibilities.
  • If you’re looking for a clean and modern look, our white floating shelves are a perfect choice. The fresh white coat serves as a blank canvas, seamlessly merging with any décor. If a bold or edgy appearance is more to your liking, you may find our black powder-coated steel shelves might be your go-to.

Created with precision from premium materials, our shelves exude an aura of elegant simplicity. Whether you prefer to display your vintage curios or culinary herbs, our floating shelves are up to the task.

Elevate your display of trinkets with wall-mounted shelves

If you’re someone who enjoys making a statement with your home décor, or if you have a keen eye for incorporating artistic touches into your living space, our wall-mounted shelves are sure to please.

Each of these shelves is a work of art in itself, featuring distinctive metal work that makes them sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. They’re designed in homage to the Art Deco style, with their geometric and curvaceous designs.

  • The chunkiness of solid oak shelves looks good and provides the sturdiness with additional space needed to display treasures. Apart from its practicality, oak wood’s texture is incredibly inviting and cosy, making your walls feel like a warm embrace.
  • The striking contrast between the intricate metal brackets and the rustic oak shelf is a design element that sets our shelves apart. The metal brackets create a delicious focal point against a moody colour scheme or provide a bold contrast against  neutral painted walls, making them a versatile fit for any room.
  • Whether you need a little extra room or want to display your photo-frames instead of letting them gather dust in a corner, this range of mounted shelves might just be the answer to your space-related problems.

As you browse our wide range, you may  marvel at the exquisite design. Revel in striking details that inject character to your otherwise plain walls – the durable, charming metalwork meets a honey-coloured rustic oak shelf for an unforgettable contrast. Introduce statement shelves to your interior and make them part of your décor.

Create a display of special memories using structural box shelves 

Our sculptural shelf is sure to captivate you. With its stunning silhouette and unique broken box design, this shelf allows you to exhibit the belongings you love most in a fascinating way. The addition of elegant brass rods, which can be adjusted to your preferred height, provides a subtle contrast that only adds to its allure. This storage solution is just what you need if you’re into the industrial vibe or possess a love for clean lines and architectural elements.

Simple design makes the biggest impact, as evidenced by Umage shelf collection with the combo of linear lines and a boxy shape. Even though they are minimalistic in design, these shelves emanate a sophisticated appearance.

Gleaming golden bars slice through dazzling shelves, adding a lavish luminosity that highlights any item placed atop them.


How do I install Dowsing & Reynolds wall shelves?

You’ll receive all the components you need to build your shelf, no matter which product you choose. However, we recommend reading through the product description and manual to ensure you’re equipped with the right fixings and rawl plugs for your wall type. 

Can I create my own shelves using brackets?

Dowsing & Reynolds offers premium quality solid steel brackets, which are ideal for you if you  wish to add a personal touch to your shelving units. All you need to do is select a decorative bracket that matches your style and pair it with your preferred type of wood – and voila, you have a tailor-made shelf.

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