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There’s the serious stuff: ceiling lights, wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps. But you can also have a bit of fun with animal lamps too. They add playfulness to your home and they’re guaranteed to raise a smile even on the greyest of days.

Your main ‘big’ light is the one that makes the visual statement, but weirdly, it’s the light that gets turned on the least – usually, only when you’ve lost something! Ceiling lights come in literally all shapes, sizes and materials. We’ve got wood, metal, feather and glass ceiling lights to reel off a few. Some are beautifully geometric flower shapes, others a cloud of feathers, and we have a range of bubble chandeliers featuring an abundance of glass baubles. It’s THE most delightful feature ceiling light you ever saw. It all comes down to your personal preference.

Table lamps and floor lamps are the best when dotted around – you will likely want three or four per room. Deciding where to put these is easy. Think about the things you do in the different areas of your room. If you have a favourite reading spot, then floor lamps that cast a relaxing downward glow are ideal. If you work from a corner of your lounge, then take a look at our table lamps that focus light onto the task at hand. In the bedroom consider hanging smaller pendant ceiling lights on either side of your bed to free up surface space and keep things tidy. Wall lights are also a great choice for this.

Arranging your lighting by room? Living room lighting is super important to get right because it’s the room you seek refuge in, the place you curl up in with a glass of wine or a good Netflix series at the end of a long day. It’s also the room visitors to your home most often see – so you want it to ‘say’ just the right things about you.  A great place to start is with statement lighting: the ‘big’ light, wall lights, or unique floor lamps and table lamps. These help you create just the right impression!

Dining room lighting is just as crucial to consider. The lights you choose will help set the atmosphere you want for any occasion. Perhaps you’re creating an intimate and romantic ambience, dinner for two stylee with low-level table lamps. Or maybe adding a touch of drama, a unique focal point, above your dining table with statement ceiling lights. The key is to layer up your lights and have plenty of variety to give you ALL the options, no matter what occasion you’re celebrating.

Outside spaces are often an afterthought. We don’t get to spend much time out there as a rule living in the UK –  is changing, though, as we’re having to adapt to being outdoors more and outside lights completely change the mood of your garden, balcony or terrace. They make the space much more friendly and inviting. Striking animal lamps, like a raven lamp, perched innocently on your garden table, will make you smile even before you get inside, while robust bulkhead lights come into their own fixed to exterior walls.

Whatever lights you choose for inside your home, we wholeheartedly recommend using dimmer switches to control the ambience of your rooms. The ability to turns the brightness up and down gives so much versatility to your space. You will need dimmable light bulbs to use this kind of switch, and if they’re just not your thing, then we have lots of other beautiful sockets and switches in exclusive colours and metal finishes that are sure to tickle your fancy.

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    black connaught ceiling light at the top of a stairwell in a black and white hallway

    Black Connaught ceiling light

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  • Sale Grey cage shade table lamp on wooden shelf with frosted bulb switched onGrey cage shade table lamp on wooden shelf with frosted bulb switched off

    Earl Grey cage side lamp

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  • unlit G9 LED bulb in a black bulb holder against a black background

    Warm White G9 Bulb

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    Sale Chrome Chain Tinted bubble chandelierChrome Chain Tinted bubble chandelier

    Chrome chain tinted bubble chandelier

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    Black low-rise mini bubble chandelier

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  • brass pendant fish light with lit bulb suspended from a length of black fabric cable against a black wall

    Bellucci brass fish pendant light

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    Black Ritz wall light

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    Black Belgravia wall light

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    Black Lanesborough pendant light

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