Cinnamon Light Switches & Plug Sockets

Cinnamon coloured light switches and plug sockets might sound like an unlikely choice. Imagine for a moment that you’re painting your room in earthy, warm shades of terracotta, blush and clay – what colour switches and sockets do you choose? Metallics are one option, black another: both provide contrast where you might be seeking harmony and tranquillity.

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Cinnamon is so grounding and comforting. Your mouth might water at the thoughts of all the delicious confectionaries that rely on it’s warming taste and aroma: buns, biscuits, cakes. Yum! Picture a feature wall in your space painted in this enveloping hue – it would lure your eyes, and the last thing you want is an ugly switch interrupting your moment of peace.

Large-print patterned wallpapers that feature this cosy colour would also make a beautiful backdrop. Pick it out as a highlight, and then repeat it around your room. Choose other accents in the same earthy tone, and before you know it, you’ve taken your first baby steps into maximalism!