You feel like going for it with feature wallpaper, but it seems like a monumentous decision. Especially when you’re thinking statement-making, large-scale print wallpaper – and you’re no maximalist! But, you’ve fallen in love with a pattern, and now you’re wondering: Will it be too much? Where will I put it? The good news is that you’ve done the hard work and chosen your style! Whether botanical, floral, retro, geometric or tropical, following your heart is the only way to go. 

By the way, these are the most popular wallpaper patterns at the moment, and we’ve got them all covered! Fantastic designers like The Monkey Puzzle Tree and Mind The Gap feature in our carefully curated range. 

Botanicals are always a great place to start because they’re inherently calming – bringing the outside inside and creating a seamless link with nature. A feature wall of large-scale plants and leaves instantly brings a room to life and is just SO pleasing.

Geometric patterns are also reasonably simple to integrate into your existing style. Many of our statement wallpapers have a metallic twist to make them a little more distinctive. Their large-scale prints make more of a statement than your average patterned wallpaper. They have a touch more personality. The number and contrast of colours in the design will, to some degree, determine how bold it is. Harmonising colours feel softer and more relaxing as a rule, whereas contrasting colours will appear more energetic. 

Whatever patterned wallpaper you choose, you’ll be glad you took the plunge. It does feel slightly brave, but by getting creative about where you put it, you can control how often you see it and how much it’s a part of your room. A feature wall is, fairly obviously, going to be quite visually stimulating, while papering the insides of your wardrobe doors is slightly less exuberant. You only see it now and again – so joyous.

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